See what people in our community are saying about the impact #foundfiction has had on their lives.

Partnering with Found Fiction on the Isolation to Innovation Masterclass was uniquely inspiring. It was an authentic and seamless experience co-creating these sessions with Found Fiction and other great creative minds from France, Romania, and Kenya. And in terms of value, impact and teamwork, it was definitely one of my most successful collaborative projects to date. I look forward to making more meaningful magic together in the future.

Hephzibah Kisia, Founder of Switcharoo, Nairobi, Kenya January 26, 2021

Leeds Arts Health and Wellbeing Network would like to thank Found Fiction for the opportunities and support they have provided to members.

We welcome their general opportunities, giving a platform to both emerging and established writers and for health and community organisations to become distributors of their publications.

We are grateful for their contributions to our recent events on research on arts and health, where they have shared not only their evaluation methods but also brought poetry to our attendees.

Finally, we would like to recognise the impact of having one of their writers at a recent mental health summit with Healthwatch Leeds. Having a writer to support and interpret the event was described as "moving" and "profound" by attendees.

We look forward to continuing our work together.

Geraldine Montgomerie, Project Officer, Leeds Arts Health and Wellbeing Network May 18, 2020

We at Healthwatch Leeds are always trying different ways to engage with people. Usually our events veer towards using illustration to capture the thoughts for the day – this time, we wanted to use spoken word. Found Fiction connected us with a great poet, Sharena Lee Satti, who really resonated with the room. Her work left a mark on the day.

Found Fiction's Tall Tales Tree helped us gather views from people who may not have felt confident speaking out in the table discussions. They also created a zine for us with amazing illustrations from Fii Finchett.

Found Fiction went above and beyond to give us exactly what we wanted. I cannot recommend Found Fiction enough. They really helped make our event something that stuck in the minds of those that attended!

Dex Hannon, Communications Manager, Healthwatch Leeds March 1, 2020

It's Proper Art caught my eye every day at the entrance to Kirkgate Market, where I work. As an artist I love the concept of art being all around us. I was inspired by the poetic element of the text, which mentioned the materials used in the construction of the market, the characteristics of the people here, and the optimism the place stands for. The most impressive thing about It’s Proper Art was how accessible it was. I’d often see people reading the text - people who otherwise might have been quite cynical about art, let alone engage with it. The idea is conceptual yet simple at the same time.

Joss Cole, Artist and Owner of Cole's Gallery, Leeds January 9, 2020

I was shopping at the Trinity after Christmas when I spotted It's Proper Art. The project is an interesting way of helping people see the everyday beauty around us that we don't usually notice. I liked the story the piece told within the format of a gallery description, and the idea of human interactions being part of an artwork. I'll remember it every time I visit the Trinity.

Bethan Thomas, Stores Administrator, Leeds January 9, 2020

Like so many people who live or work in Leeds, I pass through the train station every day. It's Proper Art really breathed new life into the space. It used a redundant part of the station (where the payphones used to be) to bring art into a high-trafficked area. It was amazing to see culture having an impact on people's commutes. After reading the It's Proper Art text in the station, I reflected on the impact of the work I do everyday and how that translates into products that people interact with on a daily basis. The piece also made me think about my own journey in life.

Josh Nesbitt, Director at Stac, Leeds January 9, 2020

Inventive, energetic and naturally collaborative, Found Fiction are a great partner for anyone who cares about widening participation in the arts. They bring two key things to the table: a never-ending supply of ideas, and an ability to make these ideas accessible and meaningful to new audiences. New to the sector, Found Fiction also bring a fresh pair of eyes informing our own practise and the way we engage our communities. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Iain Hendry, Audience Developer, National Science and Media Museum December 22, 2019

We worked with #foundfiction to deliver two events for our 2019 York Festival of Ideas programme A World of Wonder. Through their travelling ‘Writer’s Desk’ and ‘Story Trail’, festival goers of all ages were engaged in the process of finding and creating fiction all around the city for nearly a fortnight – with a reading of the final tale, co-written from the streets of York, forming a key part of our closing ceremony.

#foundfiction are an exciting and creative collaborator for any event or festival, delivering not only a hugely popular experience with imaginative ideas, but also tailoring their events to enhance and support the aims and work of their partners.

Offering the student body a chance to be the featured author of their Story Trail, and engaging the University community alongside the families of York, #foundfiction’s commitment to creating exciting activities for all ages is incredible – and truly helped make our World of Wonder, wonder-filled!


Naomi Richards, Operations and Programme Producer, York Festival of Ideas December 1, 2019

I have worked with Found Fiction on two separate occasions. Both were very different events; one being a mini literacy festival at the Science and Media Museum and the other a Community Day celebration at my school. It is testament to their creativity, flexibility and drive that they approached both events with equal dedication, creating exciting activities which fit the different briefs. I love the way that Found Fiction inspire writing and imaginations in completely new and intriguing ways. The children (and staff!) have loved working with them.

Fiona McCrudden, School Development Coordinator, Bowling Park Primary School September 29, 2019

The #foundfiction writing workshop was so empowering, so inspiring but so chilled at the same time. My students just listened in awe. The following week I told pupils we would use the ideas generated in the workshop to write our own short stories. They set to it with relish – what a treat! We're definitely looking forward to working with #foundfiction again.

Martha Henocq, English Teacher, Sheffield February 8, 2019

I love the idea of #foundfiction – the strangeness of finding a physical thing and then it potentially drawing you into the ether of the internet to connect with others. It's modern but old-school. I got in touch in 2014 and offered to be a writer and a distributor. When the first set of pamphlets arrived I could see that they were a labour of love in and of themselves. Since then I’ve left them across London as well as in Washington DC, Tokyo, Bangkok and Hay-on-Wye, to name a few. #foundfiction is having fun with literature, and it's great.

Rhuar Dean, Writer, London August 13, 2018

Every writer wants (and needs) to expand their audience, and #foundfiction helps them do this in a way that's never been done. By actively engaging people in situations where they wouldn't expect to find stories, it brings the words to them and makes them want to uncover more. So it's a great way to promote a book. For authors and publishers it's definitely worth the investment for the huge potential it offers.

Chris Nickson, Author, Leeds August 13, 2018

We invited #foundfiction to be part of the Northern Short Story Festival. They brought along a writing desk where passers-by were encouraged to co-write a short story by adding one line at a time. Around 20 participants got involved, and the story they created was then tweeted out line by line. It was a great use of social media and helped us promote the festival. #foundfiction could drive publicity for any festival and get participation at any major event. What makes it stand out as a concept is the potential for involving everyone who likes reading and/or writing. Also the fact it's global. Very few projects have the ability to span the world.

Fiona Gell, Co-ordinator of the Leeds Big Bookend August 13, 2018

Being part of #foundfiction has encouraged me to do even more writing, which has always been my passion. I've written seven #foundfiction stories and distributed envelopes in Glasgow, London and Belarus. I also came down to Leeds for the launch party – it was a lot of fun. I love leaving stories in unusual locations and imagining how it will affect the people who find them. #foundfiction is a fascinating project and it's exciting to be involved in it.

Marion Cobban, Editor, Glasgow August 13, 2018

#foundfiction has inspired my writing group to read and write more short stories. That's because it's reminded us how fun and simple the short story format is. I stumbled upon #foundfiction in Nottingham – it's been so exciting to take part in the project as a distributor. I'm sure there are lots of writing groups out there that'd love to get involved by sharing their words with others.

Ed Chandler, Support Worker, Lincoln July 30, 2018

One night I went on a date, but the guy stood me up. While I was waiting for him at the bar, I picked up a magazine. A #foundfiction envelope fell out. I rushed home, and spent the rest of the evening in a bubble of glee, reading and writing fiction. Since then I've had three stories published by #foundfiction, and I've distributed around my home city of York. It's really exciting to see #foundfiction going from strength to strength. Finding that envelope will always be a happy memory for me.

Rachel Wade, English Teacher, York July 30, 2018