The best stories you find are the ones that find you.

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What is #foundfiction?

Our mission is to empower people with an artistic vision that helps them find stories and inspiration everywhere.

We achieve this by working closely with our partners to bring guerrilla publishing, creative engagement and storytelling workshops to the world.

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    We run a worldwide community of writers, readers and artists.

    We deliver creative installations, writing workshops and street literature projects.

    We work with organisations small and large to inspire, empower and activate children and adults of all ages.

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    We worked with #foundfiction to deliver two events for our 2019 York Festival of Ideas programme A World of Wonder. Through their travelling ‘Writer’s Desk’ and ‘Story Trail’, festival goers of all ages were engaged in the process of finding and creating fiction all around the city for nearly a fortnight – with a reading of the final tale, co-written from the streets of York, forming a key part of our closing ceremony.

    #foundfiction are an exciting and creative collaborator for any event or festival, delivering not only a hugely popular experience with imaginative ideas, but also tailoring their events to enhance and support the aims and work of their partners.

    Offering the student body a chance to be the featured author of their Story Trail, and engaging the University community alongside the families of York, #foundfiction’s commitment to creating exciting activities for all ages is incredible – and truly helped make our World of Wonder, wonder-filled!


    Naomi Richards, Operations and Programme Producer, York Festival of Ideas December 1, 2019

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