The best stories you find are the ones that find you.

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What is #foundfiction?

Our mission is to empower people with an artistic vision that helps them find stories and inspiration everywhere.

We achieve this by working closely with our partners to bring guerrilla publishing, creative engagement and storytelling workshops to the world.

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    We run a worldwide community of writers, readers and artists.

    We deliver creative installations, writing workshops and street literature projects.

    We work with organisations small and large to inspire, empower and activate children and adults of all ages.

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    Every writer wants (and needs) to expand their audience, and #foundfiction helps them do this in a way that's never been done. By actively engaging people in situations where they wouldn't expect to find stories, it brings the words to them and makes them want to uncover more. So it's a great way to promote a book. For authors and publishers it's definitely worth the investment for the huge potential it offers.

    Chris Nickson, Author, Leeds August 13, 2018

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