The best stories you find are the ones that find you.

What is #foundfiction?

#foundfiction is a guerrilla publishing community connecting readers and writers across the world. We leave short stories in envelopes marked READ ME in public spaces – because the best stories you find are the ones that find you.

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I love the idea of #foundfiction – the strangeness of finding a physical thing and then it potentially drawing you into the ether of the internet to connect with others. It's modern but old-school. I got in touch in 2014 and offered to be a writer and a distributor. When the first set of pamphlets arrived I could see that they were a labour of love in and of themselves. Since then I’ve left them across London as well as in Washington DC, Tokyo, Bangkok and Hay-on-Wye, to name a few. #foundfiction is having fun with literature, and it's great.

Rhuar Dean, Writer, London August 13, 2018