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We run a worldwide collective of writers, readers and artists. We work with organisations small and large to inspire, empower and activate children and adults of all ages. Our mission is to give people a creative vision that helps them find stories wherever they are – sharpening their skills, improving their wellbeing and transcending their experience of the world around them. Join the #foundfiction community today.

Writing Workshops

We deliver creative writing classes for schools, universities, libraries and more. In our workshops you’ll learn more than just how to write – you’ll develop your creative thinking, too. We innovate around the traditional workshop format, focusing on how to release inspiration rather than structure it.

Creative Installations

Our interactive installations turn heads and spark ideas – making everyday spaces extraordinary. From engaging co-creation stunts to immersive experiences, our memorable installations drive participation, engagement and footfall among audiences both broad and niche.

Talks & Keynotes

#foundfiction was borne from a living room conversation before it grew into a global cultural enterprise. Our story has been covered by newspapers and film-makers. In our own words we tell it to packed-out audiences – revealing how creativity, resilience and optimism can make amazing happen.

Projects & Events

We deliver city-wide street literature projects. We stage festivals. We publish zines. Whatever impact you want to have, our creative team bring the boldest ideas to life to any deadline or budget. Everything we do is completely bespoke and original.

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