Tall tales about big cities

We headed to Manchester to take part in Pecha Kucha Night – a night of inspiring talks from inspiring people. The theme of the event was Liverpool. We enjoyed listening to presentations about identity, community and creativity.

We were there with our Tall Tales Tree – uprooted from Leeds Central Library – which was displayed next to the main stage. We invited guests to write their favourite things about Liverpool and Manchester onto the paper leaves in their event programmes, then hang them to the tree. Over the course of the night, the tree blossomed into a collective expression of identity.

Of all the things people loved about Liverpool and Manchester:

  • 25% chose cafes, bars and shops
  • 22% chose people and friends
  • 17% chose areas and neighbourhoods
  • 11% chose local sayings and phrases
  • 10% chose feelings associated with the cities
  • 7% chose art and music
  • 7% chose football

Here were people’s favourite things about Liverpool.

And here were people’s favourite things about Manchester.

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