You Are Here: what’s the story?

The world is full of stories.

Everywhere you set foot has been the scene of a real-life drama, comedy, or romance.

Even the most ordinary places.

The hairdresser’s where there was a huge family revelation.

The window seat where they couldn’t stop laughing at the street entertainer outside.

The station platform where she welcomed him home from the war.

The best stories you find are the ones that find you. And right now you are here.

So what’s the story?

What Is You Are Here?

You Are Here is a series of creative installations which illuminate the stories behind everyday places. Led by arts project manager Leonie Hertig and global artistic collective Found Fiction, the project captures people’s positive memories of specific locations and shares them in eye-catching text displays which celebrate the personal histories of public spaces in York.

At the heart of You Are Here are everyday stories told by the people of York. Real stories of drama, comedy, and romance that have taken place at specific locations across the city.

From city centre clubs to cul-de-sac corners, and from pubs to park benches, You Are Here installations can crop up everywhere – compelling passers-by to look closer, discover more about the people in their community, and truly reflect on where they are in that present moment. The event will run in August 2021.


“With this project we want to make people feel good in ordinary places they visit every day. From your local grocery shop to the bridge you cross on your walk to work, you might think you know some places like the back of your hand – but there are hidden personal histories in every place — and that’s exactly what we’ll be capturing here.” — Steve Clarkson, Found Fiction Founder

Public installation for the Street Stories project, 2020

How Does You Are Here Work?

You Are Here is both a physical, community-based project and a digital event available to all.

The You Are Here installations consist of high-tack vinyl stickers fixed to the location of the story being told. On display is the project name and logo, a precis of the story, and a call to action encouraging passers by to scan a QR code or type in a URL.

As part of the user journey, the passers by will follow this link and land on a webpage where the complete story can be read. The webpage will display the story in a similar format to Humans of New York. It will be hosted on a digital map where people can click on pin-points and read stories associated with other locations.


“You Are Here is finding and making connections in places you thought you knew everything about. We want to move you, make you smile and enjoy the small things. We are surrounded by stories and excited to bring few of them to the light with You Are Here.” — Leonie Hertig, Project Manager

Public installation for the Street Stories project, 2020

How Can You Be Part of You Are Here?

You Are Here is a project by the public, for the public — so there are a whole host of ways you can get involved.

  • Share your stories with us. Do you have an amazing story about a particular place in York? Get in touch with us and we will arrange a chat with you to find out more.
  • Help us write the stories. Calling all writers! If you’re a gifted storyteller, we could really use your talent to make people’s stories as engaging as possible. You’ll be credited on the You Are Here website.
  • Lend us your window space. As people go looking for You Are Here creative installations across town, You Are Here will drive footfall across places of business in York. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase the human stories that makes your business special.

Get in touch by emailing if you’re interested in any of these options.


“You Are Here is all about encouraging York residents to look closer to find the inspirational stories all around them. Empowering people with this vision is part of Found Fiction’s mission. We can’t wait to see how You Are Here lands with the public.” — Steve Clarkson, Found Fiction Founder