Stories make the best presents: #foundfiction at the Tetley

The best stories you find are the ones that find you.

That’s the concept behind #foundfiction. Since 2014 we’ve been printing short stories, folding them into manila envelopes marked ‘READ ME’, and leaving them in public spaces for people to find. To date, there have been over 5,000 envelopes distributed across the world in three languages.

For the 22nd International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair at the Tetley, #foundfiction is doing something a little different.

At this prestigious event we’ll be selling gift-wrapped bundles of our best short stories. The bundles come in three themes – stories that make you go haha, aww and wow – and you can buy one with a social media post. That’s right: to claim a bundle for yourself or a loved one, all you need to do is post a photo to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the #foundfiction hashtag.

Each #foundfiction bundle contains five short stories plus a personal letter printed on premium cream paper, sealed in a gold-lined envelope that’s branded with acrylic enamel red paint. Each bundle comes with an attached gift tag addressed to the receiver.

Stories make the best presents. Addressed to someone special and themed around their favourite type of stories, a #foundfiction bundle makes the gift of literature that little bit more personal.

The International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair at the Tetley is the longest-running artists’ book fair outside London. Along with hundreds of artists’ books, this two-day event will feature performances, workshops and talks. It’s the perfect chance to meet and chat with artists, collectives and publishers.

Come visit us in the Tetley and get your #foundfiction bundle on the following days:

Saturday 11am–5pm

Sunday 11am–4pm

Find out more about the 22nd International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair on the Tetley website.