Stories for Solace

In these uncertain times, we need inspiration more than ever.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve stopped distributing #foundfiction stories, leading workshops and staging installations. Quite unavoidably, pretty much all the activities we’d planned for the next three months have been postponed or cancelled.

Who knows how much the pandemic will reshape our communities, society and global economy, and what that means for us all?

We’re not sure that’s the right question to ask – but we believe the right answer is to stay positiveconnected and kind.


That’s why we’ve developed a series of digital events to see us through this crisis.

The first is Stories of Solace.

Throughout April, we’ll be sending #foundfiction stories straight to your inbox – a different story each day, accompanied by a personal note.

It’s one of the ways we’ll be keeping you engaged and inspired while social distancing or self isolating.

Each story will be drawn from our bank of #foundfiction stories – the same ones we’ve distributed more than 6,000 of across the world in envelopes marked READ ME. They’re super-short stories (all are less than 700 words long) so they will take less than five minutes to read – but their impact will last much longer.

To sign up to Stories of Solace, say