Leeds Art Hostel and Found Fiction Do #NaNoWriMo

A book and a pen are sometimes your only friends when you’re travelling. Sure, there are fun-filled adventures, crazy nights out and spectacular sights – but in between these highlights are long journeys spent reading and writing.

That’s one of the reasons #foundfiction – a global guerrilla publishing network – has resonated with the travelling community. Hundreds of travellers have stumbled upon our short stories in cities they’ve been visiting, and subsequently shared them in their own communities when they’ve returned home. It’s led to us publishing literature in three languages and 13 countries across the world.

We’re celebrating this with a #foundfiction installation at the Art Hostel in Leeds, taking place throughout November for #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Travellers are invited to co-create a short story at our writing desk in the communal area. They’ll be adding one line at a time to the story, which will be read out every Sunday in a video posted to the Art Hostel’s social media channels.

Tuesday November 6 is the official launch event. Hosted by East Street Arts and Janine Sykes as part of the Seeding Art Currency project, it will feature talks, stories and spoken word on the theme of literature and travel.

Find out more and book your ticket here.