Generate: playful data

What if you could present your audience with a stand out creative installation which also gave you valuable data about them?

Introducing Generate, our latest creative installation in partnership with design collective dogeatcog.

Generate takes participants on a journey through a series of arches. They begin by selecting a ribbon colour assigned to their age bracket, gender, or other identifying factor. Under each arch, they answer questions by feeding ribbons through holes relating to multiple choice answers.

As more people engage with Generate, it slowly transforms into a tunnel of colour. By the end, we’ll have a tonne of data about how different people feel about a particular issue.

We launched Generate at the National Railway Museum, as part of York Design Week. We asked the public questions about the environment. Afterwards, we were able to identify how different generations had answered questions relating to recycling, climate change and transport.

We’ll soon be sharing the results from Generate at the National Railway Museum. Watch this space…