It’s Proper Art LDN: colouring the capital

You know those short descriptions that sit next to pictures in an art gallery? We’ve written them for buildings across Kensington and Chelsea.

From October 1-11, as part of KCAW20, Kensington and Chelsea is our gallery. You’ll find faux art descriptions installed at locations across the borough – from shopping centres, to workplaces, bars and more.

Photo by Peter Adams

These texts imply that each building – and everyone inside it – is a work of art.

It’s art we walk past every day. It’s art we’re all part of. It’s Proper Art.

Meet the writers


Akeem Balogun

Akeem is a writer who was born in Hammersmith, and spent his early years living in Brixton, before moving to Sheffield. His fiction has appeared in publications such as Pomme JournalNow Then and elsewhere.

Find him on his website, and @akeemwrites.



Alex Peake-Tomkinson

Alex is a lifelong Londoner and works as a writer, editor and critic. She writes for Prospect, the Observer and the Times Literary Supplement among others.




Johanna Derry Hall


Johanna is a freelance journalist and founder of storytelling night Tenx9London. A Northerner originally, London – with its characters, places and plot – has been her home for 13 years.




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