It’s Proper Art

You know those short descriptions that sit next to pictures in an art gallery? We’ve written them for buildings across Leeds.


For the next six weeks, the city is our gallery. You’ll find faux art descriptions installed at locations across town – from shopping centres, to workplaces, university buildings and more. These texts imply that each building – and everyone inside it – is a work of art.


Why? Because art doesn’t just exist inside an art gallery. It’s all around us – in the places where we live together, work together, feel together. Know this and you’ll be inspired wherever you are. This collection of buildings is a work of art. It’s art we walk past every day. It’s art we’re all part of. It’s Proper Art.

Use this map to find It’s Proper Art across Leeds. Read as many as you can – they’ll only be up until January 5th 2020. Share your experiences to social media using the #itsproperart hashtag.



We’ve created this project with LeedsBID. Find out more about It’s Proper Art.