The idea behind #foundfiction is simple.


Writers send us short stories, which we print out, fold into envelopes marked READ ME, and leave in public spaces for people to find. Sort of like a message in a bottle type thing. When someone stumbles upon a piece of #foundfiction, they’re invited to share their experience on social media under the hashtag #foundfiction. This moment marks a special connection between writer and reader, as you’ll see from the hundreds of #foundfiction posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
found fiction envelope


Around 4,000 stories┬áhave been distributed across the world since 2013. We have writers and distributors throughout the UK and Europe, and as far as the USA, Canada, Japan, Iceland, South Africa and Australia. We’ve also published stories in Polish and French. While continuing to grow our global community, we’re working with authors and publishers to deliver creative publicity strategies ahead of book launches, and with schools to inspire young people to read more and write better.


This unique project has evolved faster than we ever thought it would.


Along the way we’ve picked up coverage in the i Paper, the Yorkshire Post, the York Press and other journals, magazines and websites.

Want to be part of something amazing? Get involved in any way you want. Email fictionfound@gmail.com to submit a story, become a distributor, or talk to us about working with your publisher or school.

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